Creation vs. Evolution

Creation vs. Evolution

Creation vs. Darwinian Evolution


Joshua Gurtler presented 11 lectures on Creation vs. Darwinian Evolution. Joshua has a PhD in Food Microbiology and currently directs a research program for the federal government investigating the inactivation of pathogenic bacteria in foods.
NOTE: We encourage the use of this material by teachers, preachers and students of science and the Bible. Original (non-PDF) PowerPoint presentations are available free of charge. To request presentations for study or teaching purposes, send an e-mail to Josh Gurtler by clicking here.

  • Lesson 1: "Background to Darwinian Evolution (Animal Kinds)"
    What We Will Learn in This Lesson
    • I. Fixity of Animal Kinds Precludes Darwinian Evolution.
    • II. Animals Can Vary/Change Within Their Kind (Microevolution), But Not Outside Their Kind (Macroevolution).
    • III. Similarities in Created Kinds Reflects an Intelligent Designer

  • Lesson 2: "Weaknesses of Darwinian Evolution"
    What We Will Learn in This Lesson
    • I. No Utilization of the Scientific Method
    • II. Use of Circular Reasoning
    • III. Opposition from Experts in the Highest Tiers of Science (e.g., National Academy of Sciences, Nobel Laureates, and Ivy League Professors)
    • IV. Darwinists were Previously Willing to Debate but Now Refuse to Debate Creationists Because it Weakens their Cause .

  • Lesson 3: "Darwinian Evolution Debunked (Four Frauds Still Taught in Public Schools)"
    What We Will Learn in This Lesson
    • I. The history of Darwinian evolution is composed of various frauds peddled as proof of evolution until they were debunked, by the evolutionists own admission. Some of these include:
      • II. Animal Homology and Evolution
      • III. Embryology Recapitulates Darwinian Evolution
      • IV. Evolution of The Peppered Moth
      • V. Alleged Horse Evolution



  • Lesson 5: "The Geologic Column and the Fossil Record (Missing Links and the Cambrian Explosion)"
    What We Will Learn in This Lesson
    • I. Darwinian evolution must be proved from the fossil record, or the hypothesis fails.
    • II. Animals do not change throughout the fossil record - stasis prevails.
    • III. Animals appear fully formed from the earliest layers of the geological column (aka, "The Cambrian Explosion").
    • IV. Evolutionists admit that the fossil record provides no proof for macroevolution
    • V. The fossil record reflects worldwide flood sedimentation.


  • Lesson 6: "Macroevolution's Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Gradualism: Punctuated Equilibrium"
    What We Will Learn in This Lesson
    • I. Evolutionists admit that billions of transitional fossils are inexplicably missing from the fossil record.
    • II. As a rescuing mechanism, macroevolution has come up with the hypothesis of "punctuated equilibrium" (PE), which says, "animals must have evolved so quickly that they left no trace of their transitional (i.e., intermediate) forms in the fossil record." However. . .
    • III. PE couldn't have happened quickly or it would lead to a "grossmutation" "saltational" evolutionary model, which all scientists admit is impossible.
    • IV. But, it couldn't have happened slowly or we would find evidence in the fossil record.(!)


  • Lesson 7: Uniformitarianism Versus Catastrophism
    What We Will Learn in This Lesson
    • I. Until ~1800, all geological formations were interpreted in light of catastrophic processes in western universities such as Yale, Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge .
    • II. Around 1800, the doctrine of "Uniformitarianism" was used to teach that the geological column could have only been formed by "slow and gradual" modern day processes.
    • III. For 200 years, creationist geologists denied uniformitarianism and interpreted the geological strata as being formed by worldwide catastrophic processes.
    • IV. Conventional modern geology (in the 1980's) finally came to the conclusion that uniformitarianism was wrong and that the majority of the geological column was formed by catastrophic processes.
    • V. Instead of admitting they were wrong and that the creationist geologists had been right for the past 200 years in rejecting uniformitarianism, conventional geology simply changed the definition of uniformitarianism so as not to credit creationists (documented by their own admission).
    • VI. Variability of the speed of light, radiometric dating and variability in the rate of sediment formation are also examined.


  • Lesson 8: "Lines of Evidence for a Global Flood"
    What We Will Learn in This Lesson
    • I. The 1980 eruption of Mt. Saint Helens provided real-time observational evidence of (A) rapid sedimentary stratification, (B) rapid canyon formation, (C) rapid polystrate tree fossil formation at the bottom of Spirit Lake, and (D) rapid sedimentary peat accumulation.
  • II. Other evidences of continental scale flood deposition include (1) flood boulders within the Tapeats sandstone, (2) homologous sandstone formations around the globe, (3) faulty dating methods for Grand Canyon lava flows, (4) flood sand dune formation in the Coconino sandstone, (5) dinosaurs buried within ocean floor chalk sediment, (6) nonmetamorphic folding of pre-solidified sedimentary rock layers, (7) massive dinosaur burial pits around the world indicate massive continental scale flood deposition, etc., etc.

  • Lesson 9: The Six Days of Creation & The Fallacy of Theistic Evolution
  • For centuries, western believers have held to the Biblical doctrine of creation in 6 literal days. During the past ca. 225 years, however, the scientific community has postulated an "old earth" view (currently 4.54 billion years), such that christians and other believers have felt pressured to compromise their belief in the literal six 24-hour day creation week and reinterpret scripture to stretch ca. 6,000 years of Biblical history into a supposed 13,800,000,000 (13.8 billion) year old universe.
  • This lecture will analyze ten of the most common "old earth creation" views (e.g., day-age view, gap hypotheses, ruin reconstruction hypothesis, progressive creation, etc.) as well as affirm the biblical "young earth creation" as taught in Genesis 1:1-31; Exodus 20:8-11; 31:14-17; and Mark 10:3-6. Various links to supplementary material are provided in the PowerPoint slides.


  • Lesson 11: Spiritual and Societal Consequences of Darwinian Evolution Part II
  • This second part of two lessons on the consequences of neo-Darwinian evolution documents, from well-known sources, that naturalistic neo-Darwinism, (5) promotes abortion, euthanasia and genocide, (6) led directly to the 19th and 20th century eugenics movement by Charles Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, (7) directly influenced Hitler and Nazi thinking so as to justify (in their minds) [a] Aktion 14f13 that exterminated the mentally ill and [b] the Holocaust, (8) promoted racism and destruction of the "savage races", as Darwin's first book was subtitled, (9) promotes male chauvinism, as Darwin's second book was subtitled.