Exton Two Day Study

2018 Files

The Booklet (pdf)

2 Corinthians, PDF containing all outlines (speakers: Patrick Brentlinger, Dale Smelser, Joe Hamm, Tim Bunting, Andy Diestelkamp, Kieran Murphy, Stephen Rouse, Dan Bunting

Each of the following links will open an mp4 file that includes both audio and visual (powerpoint slides)

The Letter, The Spirit, and the Glory Behind the Veil, Joe Hamm

Implications of Our Bodies and How They Relate to Ministry, Tim Bunting

Paul and His Detractors, Kieran Murphy

Paul's Emotive Language in 2 Corinthians, Stephen Rouse

Why Boast of Paradise, Dan Bunting


2017 Files

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Monday, April 17

Tuesday, April 18

2016 Outlines (pdf) and

2015 Outlines(pdf) and Presentation(.ppt*) and Audio(.mp3)