Altered Meeting Schedule

Altered Meeting Schedule


Sunday Lesson and Virtual Class

Sunday, 9:30 a.m. - 11 p.m.

  • The Sunday assembly will gather outside, weather permitting. Please bring a chair and Lord's Supper elements if you are able.
  • There will be two 40 minute sessions with a 10 minute break in between.   
  • Members will receive a Zoom link via email. The assembly will also be broadcast on Facebook LIVE

Sunday, 4:30 p.m.

  • Online Bible class utilizing Zoom and Facebook Live. 
  • All members will receive Zoom link via email prior to study. 
  • Topic: Genesis


Mid-Week Bible Study

Wednesdays, 7 p.m.: All Classes

  • Online only via Zoom and live streamed on Facebook
  • Link to Zoom will be distributed via email to all members at 6:30 p.m.
  • Breakout rooms for teens, middle school, grade school and primary classes will be assigned after login. 
  • Those using video platform of Zoom will be able to ask questions and see other class participants through video. Facebook is viewing only.


Our plan for worship in the coming months

It’s been great: The feedback received as we have returned to physical worship is one of strong support and encouragement to carefully move forward to a more “normal schedule”. We have “broadcast” services on both Facebook and Zoom as we’ve met outdoors. Our purpose here is to share our plans to move forward and the steps we would like to take to return to that more normal worship schedule.

Early summer (June): We plan to conduct the worship activities (back to back) previously scheduled during the 9:45 and 11:45 hours of our morning assembly. We intend to continue to meet outdoors during this period, looking for the best timeframe on Sunday to maximize the weather. We believe that for now, classes are best “attended” online. On any Sunday where the weather doesn’t cooperate, we plan to make the building available for those comfortable with meeting indoors. We have given thought to and gathered input on how we can do that, respecting the distancing protocols and the health and safety concerns of our members (see Attachment). In order to allow us to spread out, we will have canopies set up outside adjacent to the north wall of the building, with windows between the building and canopies open. Those who are more comfortable sitting outdoors will be able to sit under the canopies and still be able to hear everything and be a part of the assembly. Additional space (seating) will also be available in the vestibule. We will continue to broadcast over both Zoom and Facebook.

July timeframe and forward: Assuming we continue to see a downward trend in the spread of the virus, our intent is to return to conducting worship services indoors in this timeframe. In deciding when to begin worship services indoors, we will closely monitor the information shared regarding the number of cases of the virus in our region, along with your feedback. Again, we will work to accommodate everyone (those not able to meet and/or who don’t feel comfortable indoors) by continuing to broadcast on Zoom and Facebook, and by setting up shelters outside. Group classes (especially for the children) are likely to be the last activity to return to a normal schedule. So, at least initially, we will continue to conduct classes for all ages on Zoom and Facebook as we transition indoors. Our hope is that as incidence of the virus continues to wane, that we will again be able to resume children’s classes in some format.

What you can do: We ask that you all pray for wisdom and sound judgement as all of us together approach these decisions. We also need to be praying that each of us will approach and respond to one another with a spirit of love seeking to preserve both unity and peace. These are difficult times and difficult decisions we face together. We can’t be too careful. Our prayer is that none of us will come down with the virus. However, if someone in the assembly does contract the disease (from whatever source), all who assembled with them could be required to quarantine for 14 days. We will do everything we can to provide a clean and safe environment. Part of protecting one another is being sensitive to each other’s concerns. Finally, there will be many with a risk profile (pre-existing health condition) that may prevent them from gathering indoors with a group for some time. We need to be mindful and supportive of the prayerful decisions each one makes for themselves and their family – it is not ours to judge.

 As we begin to assemble indoors…the following protocols should be observed:

· If a family member is ill, or not feeling well, it would be prudent for the whole family unit to worship on-line until there is no sign of illness.
· For the benefit of others, anyone assembling inside should wear a mask as they enter, and while inside the building.
· Those unable, or who wish not to wear a mask, are welcome to worship outdoors under the canopies.
· We intend to collect all books (song books and bibles) and project songs on the screen.
· Ushers will assist/direct individuals and families with seating, reminding families to sit together. · We ask that people not gather in the aisles or lobby. To help with this we will have a planned dismissal (by rows) at the conclusion of the service reminding those choosing to visit to do so while distancing outdoors.
· We believe we can seat approximately 60 (appropriately distanced) in the auditorium. Additional seating will be available in the foyer and outdoors.
· Bathroom use – please limit usage to no more than two people unless of the same family.
· We ask that parents instruct the children not venture into the upstairs classroom area or down the basement.
· A thorough cleaning of the building will occur each week where the bathrooms and all surfaces in the auditorium will be wiped down. We are looking at options for having an outside service clean the building each week.
· We will continue to reassess these measures, update and modify them as necessary.