When Silence Hinders

When Silence Hinders By David Phillips
God teaches His people wisdom for when and how to speak and when to refrain from speaking. He also teaches that keeping silent when something needs to be said can hinder the Christian just as much as saying the wrong things at the wrong times. The following are passages that describe situations in which it is not good for Christians to keep silent.

  • When sins need to be confessed: Ps. 32:1-5; James 5:16 
  • When you have something against your brother: Matt. 18:15-17 
  • When one’s brother has something against you: Matt. 5:23-24 
  • When error is being taught: Titus 3:10 
  • When anxious: Phil. 4:6-7 
  • When people need to hear the gospel: Acts 20:26-27 
  • When cheerful: James 5:13 
  • When sick: James 5:14-15 
  • When a brother is caught up in a trespass: Gal. 6:1-2 
  • When it is time to give thanks: 1 Thess. 5:18; Rom. 1:21 
  • When it is time to give praise to God: Heb. 13:15