Date Title Author Topic
02/19/17 The Servant Is Not Greater Than His Lord Michael W. McLenmore Servant Exton_Exhorter_Vol_2_Issue_31_021917.docx Exton_Exhorter_Vol_2_Issue_31_021917.pdf
02/04/17 The church of Christ The church of Christ The church of Christ Exton_Exhorter__Vol_2_Issue_30_02.05.17_Template_latest_issue.docx Exton_Exhorter__Vol_2_Issue_30_02.05.17_Template_latest_issue.pdf
01/22/17 What the Church at Exton Aspires to be The Church Astrology Exton_Exhorter__01222016_c2i29.docx Exton_Exhorter__01222016_c2i29.pdf
01/08/17 At Your Word Jeff Smith Faith Exton_Exhorter_01082017_c2i28.docx Exton_Exhorter_01082017_c2i28.pdf
12/25/16 Reasons for your faith. Jeff Smelser Faith Exton_Exhorter_12252016_c2i27.pdf Exton_Exhorter_12272016_c2i27.docx
11/27/16 The KInd of Preaching We Need Greg Gwin Repentance Exton_Exhorter_11272016_c2i25.docx Exton_Exhorter_11272016_c2i25.pdf
11/22/16 Psalm 33 Uncertain Love of God Exton_Exhorter_11132016_c2i24.docx Exton_Exhorter_11132016_c2i24.pdf
10/30/16 Repentance DP Repentance Exton_Exhorter_10302016_c2i23.docx
10/16/16 Making Excuses James Hahn Excuses Exton_Exhorter_10162016_c2i22.pdf
10/02/16 Gossip: A Heart Disease David Hartsell Gossip Exton_Exhorter_100216.pdf
09/18/16 Thoughts about The Difference between Character and Reputation Tim Nichols Character / Reputation Exton_Exhorter_09182016_c2i20.pdf
09/03/16 Bottom Line Preaching Andy Diestelkamp Preaching Exton_Exhorter_09032016_c2i19.pdf
08/28/16 Consider the Bible Mark Dunagan Importance of reading scripture Exton_Exhorter_08282016_c2i18.pdf
08/21/16 How Does the Spirit Lead Marshall Patton Holy Spirit Exton_Exhorter_08212016_c2i17.pdf
08/14/16 Where Self-Discipline Comes From Gary Henry Self Discipline Exton_Exhorter_08142016_c2i16.pdf
08/14/16 When Silence Hinders David Phillips Silence Exton_Exhorter_08142016_c2i16-1474135405.pdf
08/14/16 When Silence Helps David Phillips Silence Exton_Exhorter_08142016_c2i16-1474135627.pdf
08/07/16 Astrology David Phillips Astrology Exton_Exhorter__08072016_c2i15.pdf